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Perfect Edge is  a small group of talented people that leverage technology to build exciting projects and innovate. In this day and age small teams can make a big difference and we try to shape the future of software and applications by making exactly that, a difference.


 We design

Everything starts from what you see, what’s underneath is equally important but the first test you have to pass when building an interactive experience is keeping your visitor engaged and you achieve this by having an awesome design. Although you may think that this includes only your logo and a basic color theme, this is not the case. Design is much more than that. Planning the user interactions, choosing which prototype will be built and creating a color theme that fits what you want to communicate with your clients are all very important and they are just the tip of the iceberg. We love building beautiful experiences and the process to reach that goal is always exiting for us.



We develop

We’ve spent countless hours coding and we keep doing it because we love it. We are able to turn a design to an interactive app that works and we use  languages and frameworks like HTML, Javascript, Java, GWT, PHP, Node.js, Angular JS and Dart (to name a few) to do it.  We do our best to overcome obstacles during a project’s implementation and we learn through the process. This attitude towards development, possibly a project’s  most important stage, makes us capable of undertaking a project and building it just the way you want it when you want it.



We iterate

It would be nice if the world worked as a straight line, you design something, you choose the best design, you start building it and after enough testing you deliver the project. We are a team that understands that this approach can lead to problems. Iterating between all these stages is a key factor for a project’s success because a design will always need some addition, the build process will always provide unexpected challenges and the testing will always present new areas that can be improved.

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What We Do


You probably see all sorts of devices around you everyday and you use some of them yourself. They are all connected and they are here to stay. Mobile traffic is reaching 25% of the global internet traffic and it will keep rising because it makes your life easier. Based on these facts, planning the mobile part of your project is crucial for your success. Leaving the mobile out of the initial plan used to be acceptable and harmless but these days are long gone.

We’re entering an age in which the lines between the different devices are becoming increasingly blurry. There are smartphones, tablets and different hybrids of the two. Wearable devices, smart watches for example, are surfacing slowly as well. All of them have one thing in common, you can utilize them to reach a far bigger audience.

Each project requires a specific set of tools and technologies. We provide solutions for Android, IOS or Windows Phone applications and we specialize in choosing the right tool for each platform. Based on your needs we can develop your application using cross platform technologies like HTML5 and Phonegap or we can use platform specific options to make your application stand out in unique ways on every platform.



The web has reached the point where you can find a complicated business application running in your browser or you can find the simplest website that promotes someone’s work in beautiful and creative ways. Your business might need something like that or anything between the two and we are here to build it for you. We specialize in building complex dynamic and data-driven web applications based on web standards and emerging technologies. Based on your vision we can build a full representation of your business to reach your customers through an eshop inside your website or by demonstrating what you can offer in unique ways.

We believe that building the project for you is only the first step of a continuous and effective collaboration. Supporting and maintaining your project is the next step and it’s equally important for anyone who considers his web presence a long term investment. We provide support any time you have a problem and we also have maintenance plans in place to avoid these problems.



Internet can present your company with unique opportunities to achieve its goals faster. Taking advantage of these opportunities is easier when your company has a well defined brand crafted for it. Choosing the right logo or the right slogan could possibly affect your market share greatly so we try to share ideas and work with you to achieve the best possible result. A carefully planned branding will attract more customers and it will also emphasize what you offer to your existing ones.



All the aforementioned sections are distinctive and they cover most of the projects a company or a client might need. The reality is somewhat different though. There is always a slightly different idea that could require more than one type of service or perhaps something that we still haven’t thought about. As a team that gets inspired from what we do, we always try to learn how to use technology to innovate. We see these crazier ideas as opportunities for innovation and we are ready to work with you.

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